Team Tourist Makes Us More Unity and Powerful

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April is a month that everything wake up and be filled with sunshine and warmness after a long cold winner. Everything brings us hope and enthusiasm.

In this special mouth, our team starts a short journey in a famous tourist attractions, which is called "YunTai Mountain".

"Shock Bridge" is a hot game for now, it needs all the members of a team to coordinate each other tacitly. We have to put all the energy into one place, it’s time for us to show our spirit of a team. Or, someone will fall into the water. It’s very exciting.

This is called “Glass Skywalk”, it hangs along the cliff, and it’s made of glass. It looks very dangerous and heart-stopping, it needs much courage to walking on the skywalk.

Many people return halfway, so it’s really challenge for everyone. But i’m happy that all of us win the challenge, we encourage and help each other all the time, so there is no difficulty for a team, which is full of courage, help, love, cooperation and coagulative power.

Finally, we reach the top of mountain, it heights about 1297.6M. It’s really very tired but happy.

It’s wonderful Journey, as some office staff, we really lack sport very much, so all the activities during the journey are challenge for us, it not only needs strong energy, but also needs courage, cooperation, etc. Even though it makes us tired, we learn more, know more about each other, and create more coagulative power. 

Just like it said: “We are always younger when on Journey”. It will makes us more and more powerful.


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