Dental X-ray, Radiation Hazard? Malicious Consumption? Wrong! Neither!

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When shooting CT on the initial examination, you can often hear many doubts:

Does we take x-ray film for malicious consumption?

Is the radiation harmful to the body?

What's the points that we need to pay attention to when take x-ray film?

Q1: Why do we need to take dental x-ray film?

Going to dentist without X-Ray film=Driving without license.


Our roots are buried in the alveolar bone and periodontal ligament. Just like the roots are rooted in the soil, they are invisible to the naked eyes.


Therefore, an X-ray film with a "perspective" function is required to check if there is a problem with the teeth. We can get know the lesions of teeth through X-rays, also find out whether there are ambush teeth, multiple teeth in the alveolar bone, whether there are any cavities in the teeth, whether there are cysts under the roots, and whether the surrounding bones are absorbed or not.


Comprehensive analysis of X-ray films can improve the accuracy and success rate of doctors in the diagnosis and treatment of teeth.

Therefore, Except a little enamel on the outer layer, we can’t recognize it by the naked eyes once there is a problem in the tooth.


In order to fully know about your teeth and make accurate judgments, it’s still necessary to take x-ray film of teeth.

If you are still confused, let's look at a few couples of pictures.


For example, a slight tooth decay can’t be seen with the naked eyes, but it can be easily found by an x-ray film.

The teeth in the red circle have initial cavities and the crown has black shadows.

The teeth in the blue circle have no cavities and you can see the complete crown.


Therefore, because of the timely x-ray film, dentist made correct and accurate judgment and treated in advance in the early stage of tooth decay, to avoid more serious consequences.


For example: as shown below, Maybe you go to the dentist just because of your decayed teeth, you think it’s enough for you to make up the teeth, X-Ray film is unnecessary. But you will find there are other problems that you can’t unascertainable by eyes in your mouth except decayed teeth through x-ray film.


For example, the "hidden" multiple teeth, if we ignore it without x-ray film, it must will lead to disordered teeth, even more serious consequences!


Warm Warning: Pulling wisdom teeth, root canal treatment, filling, periodontal disease, dental implants, orthodontics need X-Ray film.


Q2: Is it harmful to take x-ray film?

Taking a small x-ray film = eating 10 bananas

Radiation is divided into ionizing radiation (such as X-ray) and non-ionizing radiation (such as mobile phones, microwave ovens), which is mainly about ionizing radiation. The unit of measurement for ionizing radiation is Sieverts. What dentists need to care about is that if someone receives more than 2 Sieverts of radiation at one time, they maybe will die soon.


What is the concept of 2 Sieverts? To help everyone understand more easily, we use the number of bananas per unit area to express the intensity of the radiation.


The reason why we choose Banana is because bananas are rich in potassium. About 0.0117% of the potassium in natural potassium is potassium 40, and the half-life of potassium 40 is as long as 1.25 billion years (about 4.5 billion years old).


1 banana = 0.1 microsievert, the deadly intensity of radiation is about 20 million bananas. Every time you eat a banana, you receive about 0.1 microsievert of radiation, which is one tenth of a siver. In other words, if you want to reach the lethal intensity of 2 siver at a time, you should eat 20 million bananas at a time.


So what is the radiation dose of a regular dental X-ray?

The radiation dose of a apical x-ray film (small x-ray film) equals to eating 10 bananas at a time.

Take a small x-ray film = eat 10 bananas

And so on...


Take a Panoramic curved fault

=22 microsiv

=22 small x-ray film

=220 bananas

Take a Panoramic curved fault = eat 220 bananas



=50 microsievert

= 50 small x-ray film

=500 bananas

Take a small field of view CBCT=eating 500 bananas.


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