Where are you, our Russia Dental X-Ray Agent?

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Looking for a dental agent!

The Dental Fair in Moscow is the largest dental professional exhibition in the region. Our company participated in the Russian International Dental Exhibition on September 23, 2018.

At the exhibition, we met the old customers we have been working with for a long time. We bring the Chinese food to them, they liked it very much. We also met many new customers who are very interested in our X-ray machine. We are actively looking for powerful distributor. Let more Russian dentists use our X-ray machine!  Look at so many people at the show to consult and try even we are hard in communicate with each other, but we can feel their love for our products. I want to say: We are waiting for Cattle B dealer!

We booked a chain of holiday hotels with the group, the hotel's buffet breakfast was delicious.

During the exhibition, I met a very beautiful Russian girl. Her name is Liya. Chinese is very good and she helped us a lot at the exhibition.

There are a lot of visitors at the show, the Russians are very enthusiastic, but unfortunately, we will only use the simplest haze, jealousy and eyes to make the simplest communication with customers;

After the exhibition, our exhibitors were guided by the tour guide to visit the Kremlin, to understand the past and present of Russia. They also learned a sentence they liked most: Everything will be fine!
By the way, Russia's sky is so blue, the air is so good.


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