How to Select Dental X Ray Machine?

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It is important to know the difference of various type of x ray machine, and distinguish the unique advantage of different type , so that dentist can select which model is best suitable for clinics.

With the development of society, more and more people pay attention to the teeth problem, so the dentists pay an important role in the problem.

Dental equipment is very important for dentists, today we study to select dental x-ray machine. Now in market main have 4 types.

Wired type
This type is wired, must have extra control box work together, so can’t work with sensor, just can use dental film. It is a simple type, so the price is cheaper.

Floor type
This type is the same as wall-mounted type and has many working modes. It can be used with sensors and film conveniently, but it is a bit high from the radiation, so pay attention to put it in an extra room and wear a radiation protection suit.

Wall-mounted type

Wireless portable type
This type is portable and easy to carry, just like a camera, which works with X-ray sensors and film to deliver low radiation.

Panoramic type
This type is modern, so the price is much more expensive than other types. As usual, it is used in hospitals and large dental clinic, it can see all the teeth, so the radiation is also high and needs to be put in an extra room.

Choose a machine as usual we need to consider these important points.

Tube voltage
Most machine voltage is 60 KV, 65 KV, 70 KV, 75 KV. The greater the voltage, the better the product. 

Low radiation
Pay attention to the tube current. The larger the current, the less radiation. 

Work model  
As usual, modern machines have a variety of working modes to choose. From different angel, the dentist works well and the patient feels comfortable.

In short, dentists can choose the right machine for their situation.


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