Wall Mounted Dental X-ray Machine 70KV Digital Diagnosis System


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Wall Mounted Dental X-ray Machine 70KV Digital Diagnosis System

Wall Mounted Dental X-ray Machine 70KV Digital Diagnosis System

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Technical Data
Tube voltage: 60KV±10%
Tube current: 8mA±20%
Exposal time: 0.2~4.0s
Input power: <600VA
Output power: P≈339VA
Irradiation diameter: 52mm
Fuse: RF1-20- 5A
Capacity: 60KV. 8mA.
The way of operation: breake load; continuous operation
The weigh of x-ray source: 7.5Kg
The variation rate of high-voltage generator 1: 226
X-ray area: 3.14x262(mm2)
The time of loading follows R’10 up-down range of X-ray head: 400mm
Forward-back range of X-ray head: 2000mm
Level axis turning angle of head: 360°
Rounding axis angle of head: 270°

Simple structure: The x-ray generator, central controller and unit frame are integrated into one unit.
Good protection: The radiation is much lower than national protecting standard.
Digital circuit: The digital circuit makes exposure time accurately.

Don’t use or store near the place which is possible to fire.
Don’t use or store where air pressure or temperature or moisture exceeds range.
Keep good ventilation and avoid direct sunlight, protect against the eroding of dust and corrosive air.
Avoid slant, shaking, and shock (including transportation).
Don’t use or store near to chemicals or combustible gas.
The machine is with special device to control radiation for safe operation.

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