Dental Autoclave for Sale Best Sterilization Equipment


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Dental Autoclave for Sale Best Sterilization Equipment

Dental Autoclave for Sale Best Sterilization Equipment

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If over 500pcs, mass production will start until pre-production sample has been approved.

Est. 7 days production

Rated voltage: a.c.220V-230V, 50Hz
Rated power: 18L/ 1500VA, 23L/ 1700VA
Fuse: T10A
Operation temperature: 5~40℃
Atmospheric pressure range: 70kPa ~ 106kPa
The board affording weight: 4000 N/m2
Noise: < 50db
Maximum capacity of one tray: 1000g
The frequency of water draining: once a day, drain the water once you find “waster water over” during operation.
The maximum duration of using loading test: 90mins
The maximum thermal radiation energy under the condition of 20℃~26℃: <2000J

Sterilizer Chamber
Material: stainless steel (for medical)
Max. work pressure: 2.5bar
Min. work pressure: -0.9bar 
Max. temperature: 145℃ 
Chamber volume: 18L(Φ245×352mm) 23L(Φ245×450mm)
Loading size: 18L (198×204×285mm) 23L(198×204×385mm)
Max. loading weight: 18L (3.07kg/cm2) 23L (3.21kg/cm2)
Working pressure/temperature: 1.10~1.30bar/121℃~122℃; 2.10~2.30bar/134℃~135℃
Water volume for one cycle: 0.16L~ 0.18L

Sterilizer Steam Safety Valve
Safety release pressure: 2.45bar
Max. working temperature: 160℃

Water Tank
Main water tank volume: 18L (3.5L) 23L (4L) 
CAUTION: Water added into main water tank must be distilled water! Water temperature must be under 40℃.

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