Dental Oral Camera USB Endoscope with X-ray Reader
  • Item No.XC-10
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  • Size 29.00 x 9.00 x 25.00 cm
    Weight2.00 kg

    Combine intraoral camera with x-ray reader.
    High resolution, High sensitivity, High performance.
    Video VGA USB output.


    Technical Data
    LCD size: 5.0 inch (Diagonal)
    Driver element: a-Si TFT active matrix
    Resolution: 640* 3(RGB) *480
    Display mode: Normally white. Transmissive
    Dot pitch: 0.0529(W)*0.1587(H)mm
    Active area: 101.568(W)* 76.176(H) mm
    Module size: 117.56(W) * 88.43(H) *5.7(D) mm
    Surface treatment: Anti-Glare
    Color arrangement: RGB-stripe
    Interface: Digital
    Backlight Power consumption: 1. 2000W (Typ)
    Panel Power consumption: 0.193(Typ)
    Weight: 108g


    X-ray Reader
    Voltage: DC 5V(supply by main machine)
    Power: 300 MA
    Advantage 1: Changes the ordinary x-ray film to digital one, can save the images into SD card.
    Advantage 2: Zoom the films to 50 times on 5inch LCD, it makes easier communicate between dentists and patients.


    1. Combine the 5 inch LCD monitor, X-ray reader and intra oral camera.
    2. Video, USB and VGA output, high resolution, high quality.
    3. Built-in over-voltage and reverse voltage protection circuit.
    4. Light size, easy to operate.
    5. Built-in SD card can save 500 pieces pictures.
    6. Multifunctional, supports switch X-ray images and intra oral cameras images anytime.
    7. 5 inch LCD monitor can adjust brightness, contrast and color and so on.
    8. Can upgrade to wireless system.
    9. Has PAL and NTSC option.

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