Pet dental digital sensor cat dog

Chip Type: APS CMOS

Pixel Size: 18,5um

Dimension: 45x32.5x6mm

Active Area: 35x26mm

Active Pixel Array: 1402x1888mm

Image Pixel: 1402x1888mm

Voltage (through USB connection): 5.0 V±0.5V

Electricity Current (through USB connection): ≤500mA Power: ≤1W

Digitization: 12/14/16 bit  

Maging Time: 3-4s

Resolution: 27lp/mm

Signal Output: USB

  • Item No.In17281558
    MOQ1  / 
  • Size 29.00 x 21.00 x 14.00 cm
    Weight2.50 kg

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