Dental Digitalized intraoral Imaging Plate X ray Film Scanner
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  • Weight8.00 kg

    Technical Parameters

    Supported Photophor Size: Size 0: 22×31mm, Size 1: 24×40mm, Size 2: 31×41mm, Size3: 27×54mm

    Pixel Size: 35um

    Resolution: 15LP/MM

    Power: 60

    Size (H*W*D): 345*185*245mm

    Weight: ·~8kg

    Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 , Windows 10






    Unlimited Connection


    High quality image and perfect diagnostic


    ▶ The image gray level can reach up to 16-Bit, Helps making image more exquisite and the details are more abundant.

    ▶ Multiple patents provide technical assurance for high definition images


    Multifunction software and date analysis


    ▶ It has rich image processing functions:Gray-scale degrees,sharpness,WinOptimizer and so on to alleviate the problem of image definition

    ▶ Determination of lengths and angles, Diagnosis of assisted root canal and implant

    ▶ Real-time transmission of image data, Realize multi-clinic simultaneously reading and editing image data


    The image plate


    ▶ As thin as 0.4mm,making easier for imaging of all kinds of teeth

    ▶ Bendable,100% view area

    ▶ Sizes are available,each of which can be reused more than 1000 times


    Full-auto scanning Technical parameters


    ▶ Intelligent scanning tray reduce the extrusion of image plate ,thus avoiding image skew and shadow

    ▶ Full-auto scanning with a key touch to get digital images

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