Electric Carbonless Brushless Dental Micro Motor Drill
  • Item No.XFB-MD1
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  • Size 25.00 x 11.00 x 23.00 cm
    Weight2.50 kg

    Technical Parameters
    Control System: Vector Control System
    Motor System: Brushless DC Motor
    Speed: 2000-4000rpm
    Torque: 3.2Ncm
    Input power: DC36V
    Size of Motor: Φ 22xL71mm
    Weight of Motor: 67g
    Noise: <60Db
    Light source: LED (white light)
    Supply pressure: >65Ml/min (0.2MPa)
    Size of controller: L158 x W126 x H59mm
    Total weight: 1162.00g

    Safety Precautions and Warnings
    2.1 General
    The user must ensure that it’s used under the stipulated environment and the proper use before using.
    Micro Motor Drill is only used by dentists or trained staffs. Another usage is forbidden.
    2.2 Purpose - Correct use
    "Correct use" means to follow all instructions for use, meanwhile, inspect and maintain this product.
    2.2.1 Installation, explanation, expansion, adjustment, modification and maintenance should be carried out by the technicians who are trained by the manufacturer, a third party which is authorized by the manufacturer or an authorized dealer.
    2.2.2 Dental Drill Motor should be operated in accordance with the instructions of usage, maintenance and installation.
    2.2.3 This product must be cleaned and maintained in accordance with the instructions.
    2.3 Warnings
    2.3.1 Please do not dispose of this product according to the classification of garbage, you should use a separate collection facility. Please contact your local government about available collection information systems. If this appliance is disposed of at landfills or dumps, dangerous substances will penetrate the groundwater and enter the food chain, thereby undermining people's health and well-being.
    2.3.2 This product is not suitable for use in the presence of a mixture of flammable anesthesia with air, oxygen or carbon monoxide.
    2.3.3 When the motor has not completely stopped rotating, the user must not remove the bender or straight nose.
    2.3.4 No collision and drop.
    2.3.5 It is forbidden to oil the motor to avoid the oil entering the motor.
    2.3.6 Brushless Micro Motor Dental is prohibited by chemical sterilization disinfection.

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