Compact and Graceful Design Dental Led Light
  • Item No.XDL-II
    MOQ1  / 
  • Size 40.00 x 20.00 x 35.00 cm
    Weight1.70 kg

    Technical Data
    Input Voltage: AC 12-24V
    Power: 28W
    illumination: 8000-23000Lx
    Color Temperature: 4500 K
    Spot Size: 80*160 mm (Distance for 700mm)
    Amount of LED tube: 9pcs

    Exclusively obtain 3-len imaging technique with patent right.
    Square, neat light spot.
    illuminance within the light spot is average, light’s cutting-off show very good.
    Eight degree of adjustable illuminance with sensor, with the buzz voice indicator.
    With lighting bands to show the illuminance.
    9 LED bulbs, adopt “CREE” IC made in USA.
    Appearance design show noble and graceful, protected by patent right.

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